“I have been using HVIM for almost a year. I find them to be kind and patient….and willing to listen. Dr. Lehman has helped reduce my back pain. He also is a great diagnostician. Mark Belnick provides acupuncture with a wealth of knowledge behind the treatment. I had a severe spasm this morning…the office kindly (did I mention the lovely staff?) gave me a same day appointment. Dr. Lehman and Mark Helped me feel 90 percent better. I would never have believed anyone could help reduce a spasm so quickly. I would recommend this practice highly.”

- Christine Presotto

“Thank you for your care and support. Above and beyond the excellent acupuncture and herbs for my pain and fatigue from lupus, your advice and guidance have been key to getting me on the right track to better health.”

- Patti G.

“I was looking for knee pain relief and got it. I also got relief from neck and shoulder pain. To my surprise, Dr Naomi Pelzig’s combination of Western medicine and Eastern Acupuncture cured my acid reflux and improved my digestion, and lowered my blood pressure, which allowed me to stay off medication. I rely on Dr. Pelzig’s holistic care to keep me healthy without the negative side-effects and expense of drugs.”

- Janet F.

“I developed heart disease, like my father. I have a good internist and a good cardiologist, but Dr. Naomi Pelzig is the person who helped me follow Dr. Dean Ornish’s plan of a low-fat diet, yoga and exercise, along with natural supplements and I reversed my coronary artery blockage.”

- Paul R.

“I was so sick with ulcerative colitis and then was sick from the medications. Dr. Pelzig’s acupuncture really helps me control my disease with less medication. Whenever I’m feeling bad I go to her.”

- Eileen P.

“For many years I suffered with lower back pain. After trying many different treatments, Dr. Naomi Pelzig was the only one to really help me and give me my life back.”

- Sarah K.

“What can I say! 36 sessions of P.T., 2 rounds of oral steroids, 1 injection and 7 months of pain, UGH!! After *3* visits of acupuncture with Mark Belnick I was back to myself. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you !! ?”

- Doreen S.

“After being a smoker for over 30 years and trying to quit many times on my own with over the counter products, it took acupuncture to quit. I am now happy to report I have been smoke free for over 6 weeks! If I had only known it would have been this easy, I would have come to HVIM sooner!”

- Mindy

“With four weeks to go before the fall marathon that I had been training for throughout the entire summer and fall, I pulled my hamstring terribly-to the point where I couldn’t walk without considerable pain. I started acupuncture treatments with Mark Belnick several days later. I was running within days and was soon able to resume my full training. Four weeks later I ran one of my best times ever with my hamstring barely an afterthought.”

- Art G.

“Dear Dr. Pelzig,

Thanks for all your excellent care and help towards getting pregnant. I am proud to say I delivered a baby boy on Feb 21. He was 8lbs 13oz! Best wishes…”

- Donna D.