“If I could add a sixth star, I would! I started seeing Mark and Dr. Lehman for my left shoulder. An MRI said I had frozen shoulder. The result from a fall on the ice back in January. I was in severe pain. Unable to raise my arm above my head, or handle daily activities. Started physical therapy and acupuncture. I have an extreme fear of needles, Mark was very understanding and gentle and took his time with me. After a few weeks I was feeling amazing with no pain. With physical therapy behind me, I still see Dr. Lehman and Mark once a week. Dr. Lehman is amazing, caring and very professional, with his osteopathic manipulations of muscles I never knew I had. I never thought in a million years that I would look forward to acupuncture. It has truly changed the way my body feels. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! The office manager Maria and her staff are fantastic. They are kind, friendly, and very accommodating to your needs.”

- Catherine Feuer

“The entire staff is absolutely amazing. I’ve moved out of NY, so I’m nowhere near their office. Jane my physical therapist, and Dr. Josh Lehman are irreplaceable. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to build a team like them in my new home state. It will take a team of many, for me to get a level near the treatment I received from a few at HVIM. I can’t wait until my next trip to NY so I can receive treatment by them. Overall, I miss the entire staff from the wonderful receptionists to the skilled acupuncturists . I am so fortunate to have received treatment from this stellar medical group. There truly is no medical team as intuitive with their respective patients as this practice.”

- Isaac Keith Bonner

“I have been seeing Mark weekly for acupuncture for about a year. I was skeptical at first of acupuncture’s benefits and now I can’t see myself ever stopping treatment. Mark takes a holistic approach to injuries and is thorough when explaining how the treatment is performed. Mark has had me me focus more on my rest, recovery, and workouts to best support the treatments I receive at HVIM. Before starting acupuncture, I was unable to do any push-ups, presses, or overhead movements since my shoulder injury. Now, I am getting back to these movements pain-free and am finally feeling relief.

The staff is warm and helpful. Anytime I have had an issue with an appointment time or an insurance question, they are attentive and quick to problem solve. I have never felt so at home at “the doctor’s.” I can’t stop telling people about this place–and have already recommended three friends (who are all amazed at their results.)”

- Lillian Whelan

“Started going for acupuncture and the whole staff is so helpful with all my needs. Very clean and friendly now starting massage therapy here they have every service for rehabilitation where I have tried so many other places and they were terrible. It’s been years since I’ve felt any better since my injuries and they are making progress with me and introducing me to other things I had no idea to try on my own.”

- Bret Conklin

“I have struggled with back pain for most of my life and as an active person it has been extremely frustrating. I’ve tried many different methods and facilities to help manage the pain, but it wasn’t until I went to HVIM that I found relief. First, the staff is amazing and will do their best to get you in for an appointment (same day, if necessary). Second, Marcel is an AWESOME acupuncturist that can determine which muscles are triggering pain. Finally, Dr. Lehman is a knowledgeable DO that also helps relieve pain. This talented clinic has such a wide range of ways to help with whatever type of pain you are dealing with. No one should cope with pain daily so give them a call and make an appointment!”

- Brianna Kenna

“Mark is an amazing Acupuncturist, very knowledgeable and he explains exactly what he’s doing; anyone interested in trying Acupuncture or looking for an Acupuncturist should call and make an appointment!!”

- Ericka Sloan

“I have been using HVIM for almost a year. I find them to be kind and patient….and willing to listen. Dr. Lehman has helped reduce my back pain. He also is a great diagnostician. Mark Belnick provides acupuncture with a wealth of knowledge behind the treatment. I had a severe spasm this morning…the office kindly (did I mention the lovely staff?) gave me a same day appointment. Dr. Lehman and Mark Helped me feel 90 percent better. I would never have believed anyone could help reduce a spasm so quickly. I would recommend this practice highly.”

- Christine Presotto

“Thank you for your care and support. Above and beyond the excellent acupuncture and herbs for my pain and fatigue from lupus, your advice and guidance have been key to getting me on the right track to better health.”

- Patti G.

“I was looking for knee pain relief and got it. I also got relief from neck and shoulder pain. To my surprise, Dr Naomi Pelzig’s combination of Western medicine and Eastern Acupuncture cured my acid reflux and improved my digestion, and lowered my blood pressure, which allowed me to stay off medication. I rely on Dr. Pelzig’s holistic care to keep me healthy without the negative side-effects and expense of drugs.”

- Janet F.

“I developed heart disease, like my father. I have a good internist and a good cardiologist, but Dr. Naomi Pelzig is the person who helped me follow Dr. Dean Ornish’s plan of a low-fat diet, yoga and exercise, along with natural supplements and I reversed my coronary artery blockage.”

- Paul R.