Herbs & Supplements

At Hudson Valley Integrated Medicine we are experienced with using western herbs, chinese herbal formulas and supplements to help support your health. Herbs are able to nourish the body and support health in ways that the targeted and powerful action of pharmaceuticals cannot.

The use of herbal medicines dates from before written history. The first medical classic in the European tradition was the Materia Medica around 90 A.D. The Cannon of Medicine around 1000 A.D. influenced European physicians for centuries afterward. Many 19th century priests studied, collected and documented the medicinal use of herbs for health and healing. Maude Grieve compiled the Modern Herbal in 1931 which was reissued in 1971 and has influenced and educated a generation of western herbalists. In Germany in 1976 a Commision on the science of Herbs was organized which has published authoritative descriptions of the uses and side-effects of over 300 herbs and herbal combinations (phytomedicines). These Monographs are based on strict scientific investigation and, to ensure objectivity, were entirely financed by the German government, not industry. They are recognized globally and are used by herbalists, pharmacies and medical doctors. The American Botanical Council continues to be a great resource in the study, practice and manufacturing quality of herbs.

Link www.herbalgram.com

Chinese herbal formulas are an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is a sophisticated pharmacopeia of chinese herbs describing how they work and how they work in combination. More than 300 herbs that are commonly used today have a history of use that goes back at least 2,000 years.

For more in- debth information check this link www.itmonline.org.

Diet and Supplements

“Vitamins, minerals and other supplements won’t compensate for a poor diet but they can help fill nutritional gaps in a good one.” Dr. Andrew Weil.

At Hudson Valley Integrated Medicine we can help you follow a healthier diet , use “detoxing” and supplementation to help your quality of life-enjoying better sleep, improved mood, fewer discomforts, increased energy, and reducing your risk of chronic disease.